Continuous Arm Windsor chair

Loading Elm SlabsI had recently appeared in a 3 page article in the Hunter Lifestyle Magazine so it came as quite a surprise when I got a phone call in late 2018 enquiring the cost of a continuous arm Windsor chair.

The client ordered 2 matching chairs as a wedding present for a grandchild.

I had fortunately come across a supply of European elm (Ulmus minor ‘Atinia’)

from Central West NSW. The slabs were 3.5m long and 50mm thick and 1.3m wide. I was able to get seat slabs side by side.

The elm seats were hard work to shape but worth the effort. The steam bent back/arms were American Ash, the turned legs, stretchers and arm posts were Robinia Pseudocacia (Black Locust) and the back sticks from American Oak.

The newly weds were so happy with the present that the client ordered 5 more pairs for future gifts.

It turned out to be a busy year chairmaking!

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